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Mode-Marathon: Die Trends der Berlin Fashion Week

Wir sind gerade noch dabei, im Winter-Sale die besten Schnäppchen abzugreifen, da werden auf der Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin schon wieder die Trends für die Saison Herbst/Winter 2016/17 vorgestellt. Dabei kristallisieren sich fünf große Mode-Strömungen heraus. (Alle Bilder: Getty Images)

US actress Anne Hathaway (33, “Brokeback Mountain”) is the new face of China’s eyewear brand Bolon. Whose products they can now promote, because it for “the youth and the style of billions of consumers,” according to managing director Eric Thoreux stand. How “” further reports embody Hathaway brand image perfectly: cultured, romantic and artistic.

Quite possible that the Hollywood star will soon actually put emphasis on eye protection. For Hathaway is pregnant, she and her husband and colleague Adam Shulman (34, “Ricki – As family so is”) expect the first child. And known to follow the birth of many nights with little sleep, which affects mainly to the eye area. As actress hiding but rather behind a thick sunglasses.

Predecessor of the New York artist as brand ambassador was the way her French colleague Sophie Marceau (49, “La Boum”).

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