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Malaikaraiss: “coat are the centerpieces of the collection”

Since 2010 the label Malaikaraiss stands for a casual, feminine chic: The Berlin designer Malaika Raiss of fashion for power women committed to. On Wednesday, 20 January, will present the native Hessian during the Berlin Fashion Week her collection for autumn and winter 2016/2017. How did it happen that the first designer and real “Star Wars” fan could use the characters from the science fiction series for a jewelry collection worldwide, Raiss betrayed in advance of the news agency on spot news.

What was inspiration when designing the collection for autumn and winter 2016/17 particularly influential?

Malaika Raiss: The work of the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and his conversion of organic, natural forms in graphical, reduced buildings.

What is the name the collection?

Raiss: Second Nature.

What was particularly important to you during material selection?

Raiss: three-dimensionality, a play of surfaces and the feel-good factor.

Which colors dominate especially the label Malaikaraiss?

Raiss: Vivid colors.

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