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So you get out the perfect curls (with every hair & weather!)

Given the number of curlers, curling irons, and all sorts of other equipment and tools should be thought that it was now no longer a problem to get a curly mane. Unfortunately, it is therefore not often done – after all the curls to keep more than a few minutes. Fortunately, there are but a few practical tips to achieve long-lasting results. It does not matter whether their super fine or straight hair have – there is no hopeless case!

1. Changes the physical condition of the hair

Curls are obtained most easily when the hair, the hair is placed in another physical condition during their treatment. That is: Rotates the curls in wet hair and let it dry like that. Alternatively, you can switch to cold air, the temperature of a curling iron from hot.

At the most proven and most gentle for the hair is the first method. Wash your hair and it dries them lightly with a towel. Then you should apply and untwist the hair, for example, with Velcro curlers curlers or a styling product for curls. Use by no means a curling iron on wet hair.

2. Uses always a styling product!

Even the most sophisticated equipment of ghd and other brands usually come not from without some help. Especially when using your hair exposes the heat of a curling iron, you should definitely a protective heat-spray, for example, L’Oréal use (9 €).

In addition, recommend products that will give your new curl retention. If you already have naturally wavy hair, perhaps sufficient a styling mousse. Straight hair should you have with something stronger to go to the collar – like a Lockenfestiger of Gard.

3. take your time

Rome was not built in a day – many of the buildings dating back to Christ standing still. Something like that is with long-lasting curls. Therefore, “Express methods” such as curling irons may not always be the best solution. In order to achieve still the best result with them you should carry out at least one additional step. Therefore Attached each Locke after turning up with the curling iron with a bobby pin to hair completely have cooled.

4. Let the curlers in her hair as long as possible.

For a bit more volume, it may be sufficient hot curlers for 10 – to allow 20 minutes in the hair. However, for a dance the night away should the curlers really completely cool down. For thick hair may take a few hours, in fact.

5. Refined your haircut

The longer and thicker the hair, the more difficult it is to achieve its long-held result with curls. Often then remain namely only the tips of the hair curling while the rest are gradually moves to smooth. To resolve this issue, you can leave you cut a step cut and possibly dispense with a few centimeters of your hair.

If the handle to the scissors but by no means is an option for you, so you can try giving your wet hair overnight with the help of a hair band curls. Places the band above your head so that it sits approximately centrally on the forehead. Then starts over all your hair on the tape unroll. After waking up you can then rejoice over the new head of hair.

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