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Selena Gomez & Co.: Stars pilgern zur UNICEF-Gala für den guten Zweck

Kindern helfen – das stand am Dienstagabend auf dem Programm! Zum sechsten UNICEF-Ball im Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills kamen dafür zahlreiche VIPs, um sich für das Leben von Schutzbedürftigen einzusetzen. Und alle sahen dabei auch noch ziemlich gut aus.

Who wants to leave, wearing glasses. And not just since yesterday. We show you the evolution of eyewear since the 30s. So much can be revealed: It has been done a lot.Given the number of curlers, curling irons, and all sorts of other equipment and tools should be thought that it was now no longer a problem to get a curly mane. Unfortunately, it is therefore not often done – after all the curls to keep more than a few minutes. Fortunately, there are but a few practical tips to achieve long-lasting results. It does not matter whether their super fine or straight hair have – there is no hopeless case!

Changes the physical condition of the hair

Curls are obtained most easily when the hair, the hair is placed in another physical condition during their treatment. That is: Rotates the curls in wet hair and let it dry like that. Alternatively, you can switch to cold air, the temperature of a curling iron from hot.

At the most proven and most gentle for the hair is the first method. Wash your hair and it dries them lightly with a towel. Then you should apply and untwist the hair, for example, with Velcro curlers curlers or a styling product for curls. Use by no means a curling iron on wet hair.

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